2016 Delta Blanc Cuvee




  • Appellation Lodi
  • Barrels: Stainless Steel
  • Alcohol 13.1%
  • Case Production 65 (780 bottles)
  • Blend: Chardonnay 50% Albarino 25%,Sauvignon Blanc 25%
  • Retail Price: $18.00

Wine Making Notes:

The 2016 – SKYHARP CELLARS- Delta Blanc Cuvee is about pulling the best grape to create a refreshing white wine. This White Blend features a base of Chardonnay grapes grown in Lodi, Ca. The Albarino adds the taste of sweet almonds and the Sauvignon Blanc balances it all with fresh citrus flavors. The 2016 blend was about creating a vibrant Chardonnay base blend without having to jump into the malotic side of fermentation. The enhanced flavors bring a more robust taste to the palate.

Vintage Notes:

The grapes came from the northern end of Lodi and along the Clarksburg, Ca river front. The cooler nights on the this spot, allows for a more robust flavor from the grapes. Harvest was smooth, and winemaking process went quickly. Serve this wine chilled and watch it open up.

SKYHARP CELLARS specializes in craft wine blends from renowned vineyards in each of the core California growing regions. Nevada Smith, Proprietor, understands that great wine begins in the vineyard and is enhanced in the cellars